testWhat is the definition of happiness? Let’s take a brief look at it…

The webster dictionary says happiness is: a state of well being, contentment, or a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

So how do you reproduce this in your life?

This is the sought after state of mind that has been pursued by literally millions of people. Some sink deep into materialism, buying up widgets and gadgets aplenty seeing if this will make them happy. Often they just end up with a bunch of stuff they don’t need and still feel the emptiness inside. Happiness does not come from just buying stuff… sure you can experience small moments of joy and elation but overall you will still not provide the long lasting sense of happiness that many desire.

What about friendships with others? Relationships can truly be a source of happiness for many. The ability to bond with fellow man can add much value to ones life. This connection can provide meaning and substance that might otherwise be lacking.

How about through food… can it be possible to have happiness through food? It sure seems like quite a few people try to do this. They buy themselves in pizza and pasta’s, all for the feeling that it gives them. Delicious, delectable deserts… cold treats full of sugar.

All of these definitely impact the body if nothing else with significant chemical changes. These are all short lived though and in the long run will not provide the happiness “state” that humanity is constantly seeking. It is short lived and afterwards you are left with a sugar crash… no fun at all!

Finding happiness is better approached by finding balance. By using systems in your life vs. looking for “events” of happiness. For example… finding ways to live that are congruent with nature and humanity. Long term this will bring a state of peace and balance to your life where happiness can truly be found.

One way to do this is through the food that you eat… for example, staying away from processed foods is the first thing that should be done. It is a personal choice whether or not you want to eat meat or not but if you do, then make sure it is grass fed beef and free range chicken. Wild animal meats are also a good choice if you are a hunter or have one in your family. Most meat purchased in the grocery store is being force fed corn based food and is being pumped full of antibiotics and hormones to keep them healthy while their growth is being accelerated. All of these things get passed from the meat into your own body when you eat it. It is safe to say (and proven with science) that this can impact your body chemistry as well.

When your body chemistry is being impacted/changed then it is not really possible to achieve balance. This is because it is being affected from an outside source, in this case chemicals. While it might not feel like it is the same thing as taking drugs or pills it is essentially the same thing. In this case it is just meat that is being used as the delivery vehicle.

Vegetables (organic) are a great way to get vitamins and nutrients into your system. One method that is used by many is to juice your vegetables. This accomplishes a few different things. Firstly it makes it possible to consume much more vegetables that normally possible because the vegetables have been juiced, removing much of the pith and fiber while leaving the extracted liquids from the vegetables. There are many different juicing recipes that you can use plus with a little creativity you can also create your own juice concoctions from the large variety of vegetables and fruit available. You can also find books full of delicious recipes on Amazon, here is an example of one that I use regularly and as you can see, has 100′s of great reviews!


Some people skip the whole meat thing 100% and just go with being a vegan or vegetarian. This is one path that many follow in order to get closer to happiness..

It has been proven that many fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on how you feel. For example lemons have been proven to give a boost in vitamin C which in turn can directly affect ones attitude.

All foods are made up of chemicals, so once you shift your thoughts to that it makes sense to put only the best foods into your system, or from this outlook the best “chemicals”. Fruits, vegetables, grass fed beef and free range chicken are all great sources of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are necessary to feeling healthy and happy.

I hope that this helps you on your journey to finding happiness! Much of it starts with what you put into your body.